lysa-headshotAn innovative and dynamic entrepreneur, LysaThuy Pham proves that every moment of our lives can be spent doing something worthwhile. Throughout her life, Lysa continued and still continues to achieve as much as she can; she never ceases to illustrate her ability to be an active, healthy, inspirational, and multi-talented entrepreneur.

As an Orange County native, she ventured across the country to Biloxi, Mississippi and St. Louis, Missouri, where she first learned how to utilize her limited resources to build booming new businesses. Thereafter, Lysa began to pursue higher education at the University of South Florida completing their Surgical Technology Program. Even though she had accomplished so much already, her passion of becoming an actress led her back to southern California. She was offered acting roles while working for American Idol, but she did not quite feel ready. So, she redirected her energy into creating a new business, Fusion Tea Bar in Cerritos, California. Each one of these unique experiences led to her ability of viewing the world with an exploratory outlook.

Today, as an individual who thrives in these adventurous new experiences, Lysa can undoubtedly express her knowledge of contemporary trends and quality fashion. She models clothes and accessories for various brands on Instagram. She is currently juggling several new projects, including opening tea shops and starting a clothing line while also balancing her passions of cooking and playing poker. Most importantly, above everything, Lysa is a single mother to her vivacious five-year-old son, Jayden. This verifies that even a working, single mother can actively attain her passions and hobbies. LysaThuy Pham is well-rounded in all ways, and she represents the idea of a visionary woman following her dreams.